Drafting / As Built

Drafting / As Built


                        We offer CAD drafting and AS-Built services for all the disciplines in the Engineering and Architectural field, we are flexible during our performance of the work our staff either can be located in the job site or in the main office.


                      Mandrake Corporation has an excellent and cost effective solution of outsourcing personnel, our resources are well trained, has the proper expertise for any type of jobs in the industrial, residential and commercial areas.


                      Disciplines we service are, Cad Drafting, Field As-Built, Mechanical and Piping, Diagrams, HVAC, Electrical, Equipment Layout, Architectural, Civil Structural.


                      Our staff personnel include: Licensed Designers, Drafters, HVAC Technicians, PE Engineers.


                      Our main tools are Auto Cad and or Micro-station to be able to re-draw the drawings geometrically equal to the existing dimensions of the construction drawings for all the engineering and architectural disciplines obtaining a perfect electronic file in CAD format that can be use in a near future for any modifications as needed.