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Contractor & Construction Management Services

Contractor & Construction Management Overview



                Your Benefits:


§     Strong commitment to our client projects

§     Fast response to our client needs

§     Bank of talent of resources to support our projects

§     Senior management with diverse project experience

§     Experienced team with right mix of talents

§     Committed to safety throughout project life cycle

§     Knowledge of construction / industrial industries environment and culture

§     Impartiality that benefits client

§     Ability to mobilize and become effective on short notice

§     Competitive rates and fees



              Mandrake Corporation is prepared to meet and exceed client's expectations…



Construction Management Capabilities and Services



                Mandrake Corporation offers a full spectrum of construction services to meet the specific requirements and needs of our clients. Our services include:


§     General Project Contracting and Management Services


§     General Contractor Services


§     Construction Management Services


§     Subcontracting Management Services



                    We have provided these types of services, along with variations tailored to each project’s demands, for a variety of industries such as: Government agencies, Private Enterprises, Fast food Market and packaging plants to name a few.






§     Mobilize construction facilities

§     Implement a strong safety culture

§     Mobilize the required craft and subcontractors

§     Implement project controls systems

§     Implement quality control procedures

§     Implement site administration procedures including accounting payroll, and human resources

§     Execute the construction work in accordance with established design criteria

§     Implement project close out and final acceptance procedure



                    Through its technical staff Mandrake Corporation provides project management and construction services throughout all stages of project development from technical and economic feasibility studies, through preliminary and detailed design and follow-up consultation during construction. Mandrake Corporation believes that regardless of the contractual arrangements, and integrated team approach is an effective method of satisfying an owner’s needs in which the project planning design and construction phases are treated as integrated tasks within a project system. These tasks are assigned to a project team consisting of the owner, the construction manager, and the design engineer. Members of the team ideally work together from inception to completion, with the common objective of optimum project execution. The team carefully examines interactions between cost, quality, and schedule so that a project of maximum value to the owner is realized within the most efficient time frame. Mandrake Corporation offers construction and construction management services and has provided such for both turnkey and stand-alone construction projects.


                Mandrake Corporation provides construction services on subcontract basis for grassroots facilities, major retrofit and modifications, equipment installation, and maintenance. The company has a large, experienced staff of supervisory, technical, and administrative personnel who are available to execute an effective field plan from pre-construction activities to operation. Mandrake Corporation has tendered these services for fixed price, and cost plus assignments. Mandrake Corporation provides complete resources and qualifications to support Construction Management or General Contractor services, based upon unique project conditions.



The highest quality building at a lower cost and in less time


                        We believe in meticulous planning in order to accomplish our objectives. Our Total Development Process has been designed and fine-tuned by over the years of expertise and experience. We are available to negotiate projects for a fixed cost, a cost plus fee, a fixed fee, a guaranteed maximum, or to function as your construction manager.

                        We strive to instill the spirit of teamwork in every project we pursue. On the jobsite, this means listening to innovative ideas, resolving problems before they arise, and scheduling subcontractors and material supplier precisely when they are needed. Our no-nonsense approach works.