- it LIVES

hey - at least it's not offline.   This site is currently being hosted by Google for now, I'm being kinda lazy

Hello folks - I'm in the process of starting to put my website back online.  I know, it feels like it has been a million years since I had a site online, but it's all starting to come together again these days.  I will have a blog again by the end of the year - I feel pretty confident of that based on the status of my current projects.

I will be starting the speaking circuit again soon - this time about vastly different stuff than I used to talk about - now more about large scale archetecture, scaling, clustering, etc. 

I'm interested in a variety of topics, I work on any sort of project that I think is particularly interesting at the time.  I've worked on everything from the kernel, network interconnects, userspace libraries, and the user's desktop, to userspace applications.  You can find code I've written in production a considerable number of modern systems, and concepts I've worked on in many places the code itself has been outlived.

 What is mandrake up to these days? 

 I've been spending a lot of my time recently working on large scale systems.  High availability, automatic/seemless process failover, high speed network shared memory (using multicast), database replication, multi-homed and multi-master syncing, and clustering.  All my current work is sponsored by The Hive.  We do a lot of stuff, interesting things.  Lots of Linux, open source software, etc.

Best of all, we're hiring!  I've usually got at least 1 req I need somebody for.  I'm hiring network administrators, software engineers (php, ruby, java, perl, python, erlang, you name it we probably use it for something), graphic artists. . . Come work for me!

Past Projects:

I've worked on lots of stuff, including but not limited to: the Linux kernel, small (a portable c-like scripting language), XFree86 (now branched off to be called or some such nonsense), GNOME, the Gimp, a bunch of image processing libraries, file management, disk notification, plug and play monitor support, AGP gart acceleration, and of course the Enlightement Window Manager.

I've also worked on speech synthesis, speech recognition, computer vision systems, large scale AI systems - mainly deriving a new type of neural network based off of 6 dimensional matrix modelling, speech to speech translation systems (English <-> Arabic, English <-> Pashto), workflow management systems for large multi-user development processes, speech annotation software, source revision control systems for speech annotation, and other general audio and image processing software.

Places I've worked:

VA Research / VA Linux Systems (now VA Software) , Cepstral, LLC, Intellimedia Sports/Commerce/Inc (I think this link might be dead - this company has been defunct probably close to a decade), AirTran Airlines (also as ValuJet), and more.  I've started a couple of companies, sold one of them - which led to a pretty successful IPO (though they have come down on value since then by a lot - you'll have to check the beginning).