Helpful Links

Porous Learning Resources:

TLRI Porous Learning

Great site with a wide range of information from digital citizenship to parent engagement. Make sure you click and check out the 'Parent' button:

Want to talk to the teacher to make sure your child is doing well in school? Not to sure how to ask. Check out some of these suggested questions from the Ministry of Education. You don't need to just wait for parent interviews to talk to your teacher, arrange a time and ask to catch up if you need to:

You may come across inappropriate sites or educational sites that have been compromised. Make sure you report it to these guys:

Once you become comfortable in using Google Apps. for Education, check out some of these Saftey Tips recommended by Google.

We are also happy to support the work of Literacy Aotearoa. If you are a parent/caregiver who would like free help with your literacy and numeracy skills, click the link below. 
If you live local and would like to speak to someone about these services, you are also welcome to drop in to the Literacy Aotearoa - Glen Innes Centre, 74a Maybury Street.