The world around us continues to make advances in technology and innovation. Our tamariki are growing up in a world where using the internet and using netbooks is a part of everyday life. In 1998, Google was founded. In December 2003, iTunes had sold 25 million songs. Facebook was created in February 2004. Dates not too far from your children's year of birth - they live in a different world to you and I. The internet is not going anywhere! In ensuring everyone of our students are confident digital citizens, schools across the cluster created The CyberSmart Curriculum.

What is CyberSmart - and what part do I play?
The CyberSmart curriculum is comprised of 10 Smart Categories. This curriculum is taught frequently in the classroom, and covers a wide range of subjects relevant to learning in the 21st century. Much of our children's online activities and learning often requires them to apply principles' from at least one Smart Category. 

So, what part do I play? - students deserve all the best teaching, resources and opportunities to become confident, capable digital citizens - and ultimately life long learners. There is one category specifically for whānau called SmartParents that is covered in Module 1 Training. SmartParents discusses how to support a learning environment in your home, and understand how to best monitor your child's online activity. Whānau are also encouraged to go over other Smart Categories and become familiar with these. Whether students are playing games or blogging a reflection, the CyberSmart categories help to guide the different types of choices and questions for them to ask. Simply put - are they decisions they are making online Smart? Check out the diagram below to gain more understanding on the CyberSmart Curriculum. 

What is CyberSmart? Use the left and right arrows to move forward or go back.

Another great way to understand being CyberSmart is to check out how our schools use this curriculum. Check out these awesome school sites and resources Manaiakalani schools use:

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