Coherence: Illustrations

Netbook reflections from students

The following are a series of Manaiakalani student blogs showing their reflections on the role of netbooks in their learning. Each of these reflections demonstrates coherence at student level, showing that they understand the Learn, Create, Share goals of Manaiakalani in relation to their use of netbooks in the digital learning environment.

Reviewing and using data

This Google Doc is an example of how Manaiakalani achieves coherence in the analysis and use of school and cluster data through the School Leaders Professional Learning Group (PLG).

Manaiakalani: Example of School Leaders PLG questions for review of data

Ongoing professional development for teachers

The Manaiakalani cluster has now set up the Manaiakalani Innovative Teachers Programme. This is for teachers within the cluster who want to contribute to the development of the Manaiakalani pedagogy:

The cluster also runs a clusterwide PLD programme which supports the cluster goals and the development of digital citizenship: 

Teachers can also access further support for building their class Google Sites through the Manaiakalani website and through the Manaiakalani Google+ Community:

Professional development for new teachers

The digital immersion programme is designed to provide wrap around support for new teachers in Manaiakalani schools who are teaching in the digital environment. 

The initial introduction to this programme is a two-day orientation which helps new staff to connect with the goals of the cluster and introduces them to research and resources they will need to set up their class programmes. 

Through the digital immersion programme site, teachers can access the resources they will need to set up their class programmes: 

Manaiakalani Digital Teacher Academy (MDTA)

The MDTA is a programme for beginning teachers. These teachers are dividing their time between the classes they teach with their mentor, the weekly digital immersion PLG and the academic course content leading to an honours degree from the University of Auckland.

In June during a weekly PLG for the MDTA cohort of beginning teachers the group made movies reflecting on their experiences in the first 6 months of the MDTA programme. A few clips are below and you can find more here.