Pockets of promise: Illustrations

This page provides you with a range of examples of promising practice within Manaiakalani schools. 
Pockets of promise can also be found in the illustration of student engagement on this site.

Manaiakalani Innovative Teachers

The Manakaiakalani Innovative Teachers programme is a one year programme which recognises effective teaching practice across the cluster and provides those teachers with an opportunity to further explore their practice in order to inform the development of the Manaiakalani pedagogy. These teachers look for innovative ways to achieve the goals of the programme. More about the Innovative Teachers programme can be found here.

Featured below are the 2014 Innovative Teachers whose work is also featured elsewhere on this site to demonstrate aspects of the 2012-13 research findings. 

Helen King - Pt England School

Helen King's Innovative Teachers 2014 Inquiryhttp://thekingsthink.blogspot.co.nz/

Assessment AS Learning in a Junior 1:1 Classroom
By personalising learning through establishing a classroom culture of empathy and utilising mobile technologies, I hope to develop students who understand and critique their own learning. I have been constructing some thoughts around Assessment as Learning. Learning is not just a matter of shifting or using ideas from someone who “knows stuff” to someone who doesn’t, but is the development and restructuring of thoughts and actions at a cognitive level. For students to be aware of and able to create their own understanding of new ideas, they must learn to critically reflect on processes and outcomes, make sense of information, relate it to their own and collaborative prior knowledge, as well as use it for new learning. Metacognition - personal monitoring of what they are learning becomes commonplace and students are able to become more flexible and adaptable. They are able to become independent in their decision making, challenge major changes in their thinking and ultimately develop into passionate, excellent learners, with that desire to change their world.

Karen Ferguson - Tamaki College
Karen Ferguson's Innovative Teachers 2014 inquiryhttps://sites.google.com/a/tamaki.ac.nz/mit-2014/

Blended Learning towards NCEA
Aiming for Merit and Excellence. I am looking at how to extend my use of blended learning at Level 1, 2 and 3 Design and Visual Communication and how this can raise the achievement of the students. In DVC, the students have to produce a lot of work on paper in the form of sketches and rendered drawings. They also make 3D models. I want to focus on how this is blended together with online work and how using more interactive online content can enhance the experience in DVC. The Manaiakalani research report recommends a focus on accelerating student progress to enable our students to succeed and I want to look at how blended learning can achieve this. I have been working on this during this year with the use of cameras, scanning and more use of online tools so the students can work at home more, so I want continue working to significantly increase the number of students achieving merit in my subject and up to excellence, by capitalising on the digital learning environment I am building to accelerate success.