Student Engagement: Karen Ferguson - Tamaki College
Cognitive Engagement: Synchronising tutoring
Karen Ferguson is a Level 1 Graphics teacher at Tamaki College. She utilises the affordances of the digital environment so that she can provide syncrhonised tutoring and feedback to students. Karen enables this through designing course instructions, layout and examples for students which are made available to them through the class Google Site. Students can access this information anytime, anywhere and can work on the course materials, displaying their work on their own sites for Karen and others to see. All of this allows Karen to talk through techniques with students as they are developing them. 

In the image below you can click on the Teacher icon to hear an explanation with slides from Karen.

Active pursuit & behavioural engagement: amplifying student resource

The digital environment provides more opportunities to see where the child has come from and where they are at. For example, students and teachers can access digital archives of past writing allowing both to connect with the student's writing background and ensuring that expectations are set at appropriate levels and student interests are acknowledged in future work. Blogging and other ways to share writing publicly or with family allows for more opportunities for student work to be seen by the teacher. Through clever use of the digital environment the teacher knows more about that child and their resources. Through the use of a digital environment linguistic, cultural, and cognitive resources are more visible to all involved in the student's learning. 

Fiu, a student at Tamaki College explains one example of how students use the digital environment to create, store and share their learning. You can find two versions of this explanation by clicking on the student explanation icon in the image below. If you are an advanced user in the Google education environment, a shorter version of Fiu's presentation that provides a two minute summary of how he uses sites to do his Graphics work is available below. 

Fiu and his classmates have made a graphic novel to explain to other students how they use the digital environment to access course instructions and examples that are pre-prepared by their teacher. Karen uses SOLO to frame course instructions and examples. Having access to this information means that students can have more time with their teacher to talk through techniques and to gain specific feedback about their work. These students show how easy it is to get teacher support and feedback in the digital environment. You can find this by clicking on the student explanation icon in the image below.

Cognitive Engagement: Differentiated digital resources for learners
Karen utilises the affordances of the digital environment so that she can design, create and provide differentiated digital support resources. She uses a process that includes consideration of SOLO Taxonomy to do this. The slides with audio found by clicking on the teacher explanation icon explain the process that Karen uses and provide some examples of differentiated resources that she has created. There is also a snapshot of Karen and her students demonstrating this in action in the classroom. You can find this film by clicking on the classroom film icon in the image below.