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Moving Forward

In this session we are looking ahead to what might be possible in our future. 
This is where we “Dream the Dream” and you provide some innovation to Manaiakalani 2014+

ONE thing I would like to see happening in classrooms of the future is:

Table One 
    • S1: 
      • FAST broadband, efficient teaching from Teachers in regards to their knowledge towards digital technology. 
      • Would love to see a lot more lessons all focused ONLINE rather than in book, online, and so on. 
      • So much work expected to put recorded everywhere by teachers when it’ll be much more efficient if all the work would be located in one place. 
      • It would be great to have teachers video record all their lessons for those who are not able to attend school, or even for those who attended classes but want to revise or forgot something that teacher has said.
    • S2
      • In the future I would like to see more mac’s in the classrooms
    • S3: 
      • we could have more colourful classrooms, like somewhere where we would want to learn. Beanbags, more comfortable chairs. Maybe rooms like those cool rooms at Google . 
      • More updated learning tools, like ipads etc or maybe lots of different technology learning tools eg not just netbooks and computers. 
      • Maybe more out of class activities. Like we have more flexibility and we can do more learning in other places.
    • S4: 
      • I would like to see is more students being more enthusiastic about learning. Teachers not always encouraging us to use netbooks but allowing us to alternate between netbooks and pen and paper as this allows us to still maintain neat handwriting. 
      • School should start at 11am and finish at 3:30pm. 
      • Students doing NCEA should be allowed free periods as personally I find that I learn more individually. 
      • Teachers should not help students whom are not interested in learning and who aren’t as driven as others. 
    • S5:
      • Comfortable learning including, Beanbags, Lazy boys, Plush desks, Padded chairs, Swings
    • S6:
      • In classrooms it would be great to have an environment that makes it fun for us students to learn in.
    • S7 
      • have comfortable furniture, work in open spaces and areas and discuss our work among our selves.
    • S8
      • One thing that I would like to see in the future is everyone sitting with their netbooks including teachers and they also have complex technology.
    • S9:
      • in the future I would like to see faster internet
      •  teachers have more understanding of the technology used in classes
      •  circle tables
      •   air cons- I agree I want air con
    Table Two 
      • Students being able to use upgraded Glass Technology instead of using classic Netbooks.
    Table Three
      • Collaboration with people you don’t know. Because we don’t usually do that a lot in our classroom.
      • Free time-independent learning time because the teachers sites are boring. I learn better with videos and music.
      • Students having a place to share all the learning sites we find so if they find a different learning site that other classmates don’t know about they can share it.
      • More trust from our teacher-more self-management time. Because we want the teacher to trust us when she is out. Because we make a lot of bad choices.
      • I want more sweets in the class so that we can eat them while we are learning.
    Table Four - GI
      •  I’d like to see children like us learning from an assortment of different tools for example ipads, netbooks, or  BYOD
      • Children from 5 years old to 18 should have their own device at school.
      • In the future we would like to see one teacher teaching curriculum subjects and the other one teaches netbook stuff.
      • I want everything to be digital, windows, doors,  everything. x2
      • Um, to have digital float like chairs, floating about 1 metre above the floor. Complete with netbook attachment.
      • Headsets so we can focus on our own learning.
    Table Five
      • use smartphones for learning 
      • more computers
      • more beanbags and cozy places to sit
      • new furniture  
      • more cozy places to sit
      • Window computers (computers on the window)
      • less time in school and more time out in the world
      • more social 
      • meet other schools and have sport days /carnival.
      • more social activities and have more fun school trips
      • all our learning easily assembled for parents/others to access 
      • Free, fast internet everywhere
      • skype/google hangout assembly if parents cannot make it!
      • Students having a place to share all the learning sites we find so if they find a different learning site that other classmates don’t know about they can share it
    Table Six
      • Furniture - Making classrooms feel MORE like home and comfortable. Somewhere we would like to learn in. More colourful classrooms
      • Better learning tools. More efficient and new.
      • Better design furniture.
      • Children working more collaboratively.
      • More space for classrooms.
      • Better learning tools.
      • Kids co-operating better.
      • Furniture: Colorful and comfortable.
      • More equipment that works more faster so we can learn to be more faster ourselves.
      • People collaborating better
      • On the walls, we have touch screen so instead of telling people what we do, we can show them
      • The ability to choose what teacher we want to work with.
    Table Seven
      • Everybody using technology equipments. Everybody using technology and maintaining control of it

    ONE thing I would like teachers of the future to do for us is:

    Table One 
    • S1:
      • Teachers to constantly update their websites.
      • To share the required work for each lesson appropriately without having to figure it out during my valuable learning time. 
      • To stop sending me messages. 
      • Teach online 90% of the time they teach. 
      • Teachers to realize the importance of Human Connection, relationship 
    • S2: 
      • Maybe teachers could do more visual learning. 
      • Try make everything fun. 
      • Get to know students and make it easier for kids to come see them. Meaning that some students don’t go to see teachers because they’re scared.
    • S3: 
      • I would like them to give us a little rest once in awhile.
    • S4:
      • Less talk more action, Knowing what to do
    • S5: 
      • ONE thing I would like to see happening in our classrooms is teachers with the same I.T skills that students have. This way, students and teachers have a better connection with what they’re learning.
      • In the future I would like to see the teachers getting more involved with the students
    • S6 
      • One thing I would like teachers of the future to do us is have a better understanding in technology than students so they could teach more than one thing each day.
    • S7:
      • Stay on topic, most teachers usually talk too long because they talk about a topic that doesn't relate to what we are learning.
      • Understand more about how to deal with technology. 
      • Involve more visual activity while learning
    Table Two
      • Teachers trusting us and letting us learn about things we want on Ipads and smart phones.
      • Teachers doing broadcast of the day, like if you forget anything that you have learnt from school.
    Table Three
      • I want our teachers to use more fun media resources because we learn faster and it seems easier. Even the use of music in our learning helps us- however this isn’t used so much!
      • We want our teachers to be up to date with the netbook and how to use it- we are catching up quick!
      • Learning is a bit predictable and boring- be a bit more exciting.
      • More flexibility in the timetable.
    Table Four
      • I would like to see teachers learning from their own students. 
      • The students can be little mini teachers, teaching students that don’t understand.
    Table Five
      • nice teachers like mrs. hamilton
      • teachers that use fun and creative activities to make learning engaging.
      • help us to all be teachers
      • Give us support in our learning and guide it.
      • No set teachers
      • letting us have one block that we get to choose what we would like to do.
      • more one on one talk to the student about learning
      •  Having more freedom to choose what we like to do in subjects
      • not having so much tests to see where you are at
    Team Six
      • Less talking for those teachers who talk TOO MUCH.
      • More field trips
      • Corporal Punishments for those who are mucking around.
      • Give us more activities about what we know.
      • Have one day for learning outside of the classroom
      • Give the children more interesting work instead of just reading,writing, and maths. 
      • We need more P.E, Art/Graphics, and more about different cultures.
      • Teacher should talk less and we have different teachers everyday so we don’t get sick of them
      • Teachers to continue to motivate us
      • Teachers to do more fun activities 
      • Teachers give us less work and tests to do because we already know we are really smart.
      • One day, teachers should let us do whatever we want and a whole day of free time
      • Give us more interesting work instead of just literacy, maths and writing. We need more P.E.
    Table Seven
      • Help us if we need 

    ONE thing I would like to influence schools to do in the future is:

    Table One 
    • S1
      • Have positive learning, Being happy about learning
    • S2: 
      • The one thing I would like to influence schools in the future is to make learning more fun
    • S3: 
      • I  would like the school in the future is to learn hard so that they can get jobs easier.
    • S4: 
      • Become part of manaiakalani because it makes learning much easier. Probably do some learning out of the classroom. Like we could all be in different places and we could  still be learning through video chat with our teachers and each other. Maybe? Like we wouldn’t have to always be at school.
    • S5:
      • Be engaged and interactive with their learning.This will make it more fun to come school and learn.
    • S6:
      • One thing I would like to influence schools in the future is to influence them through joining the Manaiakalani cluster as they could see the results of our school improving in technology and learning more actively, co-operatively and using technology. 
    Table Two 
      • to introduce a 4 day week but start  school from 8:00 to 4:00
      • and the 3 days at home we can keep learning so that our parents can learn and get better with the technology
    Table Four
      • to have more opportunities like this to share ideas with other students.
      • I would like to see other schools teaching other children from different schools. So if they set good examples they will know what’s good and what’s not. 
    Table Five
      • Communicate between different schools and collaborate with them.
      • more time for passion led learning (breakthrough)
      • continue to have lots of opportunities and freedom
      • Teach kids how to learn not just reading and writing and maths.
      • no fences
      • Being prepared for the real world
      • Preparing Career options for the students
      • Work with other schools.
      • More teamwork Challenges
    Table Six
      • Learn more I.T and use internet more
      • To keep encouraging  other schools to have netbooks
      • To join more sport competitions.
      • Start later so we could get more rest!
      • P.E in the afternoons.
      • To continue the work from the past to the future.
    Table Seven
      • Make school hours longer so everyone can be better educated within the hours provided.
      • I would like teachers to be more organized, with technology.

    ONE thing I would like parents to be better prepared for in the future is:

    Table One 
    • S1:
      • I would like parents to be prepared for the creativity and new inventions we have in store with technology.Now that technology is literally all around us, we have more opportunities to share and learn in ways that we thought could’ve never been possible.
    • S2:
      • One thing I would like parents to do to be prepared for in the future is the things the students can create and invent.
    • S3: 
      • I would like our parents to learn more about technology so they can keep up with us. 
      • I would also like them to be more open to new ideas because there will be LOADS of things that children will want to do that they know nothing or little about. 
      • Be prepared for BIG changes..
    • S4:
      • To be updated with the use of technology and be able to know what to do instead of them thinking and trying to know. 
    • S5:
      • I think that parents should be more updated and should know their ways around the new technology
    • S6:
      • One thing I want parents to be better prepared in the future for is accepting that their children are better than them at some stuff such as technology, digital etc...
    Table Two
      • Knowing how to use our netbooks and for them to help us use it wisely. 
      • They should be prepared for us coming home with these big words for them to understand, (P.I parents) or there should be a website manual for the parents. This website should have instructions for situations where the parents and students might run into. This website should also have recommended websites for our learning, e.g learning websites for when we need tutoring.
    Table Five
      • How we learn and how to apply it at home.
      • Technology - how to use it
      • How our learning works and where it lives
      • Interacting with our learning (commenting on blogs, visiting sites)
    Table Six
      • A bigger technology take-over.
      • To know how to use our devices.
      • To visit our classroom sites
      • Brain children, I.T Wise. (Makayla)
      • Have more knowledge about technology thing eg. Google, Yahoo, Wiki
      • Instead of going on facebook,each them to learn about the google drive, mail, maps and sites like we are learning in class.
      • To know how to use the devices.
      • Teach our parents the knowledge of using technology.
      • Show them our sites. eg; Blog, Google etc
    Table Seven
      • Our parents better be prepared. 
      • Is to know how to help us with the technology.

    ONE thing that would make us really celebrate Manaiakalani in the future is:

    Table One
    • S1:
      • The achievements of pupils learning, anniversaries and intense teaching.
    • S2:
      • One thing that we could really celebrate about Manaiakalani is when every student has at least accomplished one or more goal
    • S3:
      • One thing that would make us really celebrate the Manaiakalani cluster is when it finally goes global
    • S4: 
      • If the Manaiakalani programme goes global and if schools around the world join in the programme. Becomes known all around the world.
    • S5:
      • When Manaiakalani finally goes world-wide and is a big hit!! That is something to CELEBRATE . :))) 
    Table Two
      • Getting a group of students from each school that is apart of the cluster and go over to other countries and spread the word about what we (Manaiakalani Cluster) have: Our netbooks but also how we may be a low decile school but most students are achieving goals and levels are rising. 
      • Making all schools in New Zealand apart of the Manaiakalani cluster so that no matter what school we go to we will still use our netbooks, but also so that all students in N.Z can experience what we are going through. It’ll be life changing but we as students ourselves guarantee that it’ll be worth working towards/for.
      • We can teach our parents netbook skills and how to use a netbook so that when we are having trouble or they are unsure of what we are doing they can do check-ups on our netbooks on their own. This means that there will need to be lesions healed, we believe that they should be taken in all different languages so that parents who have english as a second language know what it all means.
    Table Five
      • Coming together
      • Having a global presence
      • Having more opportunities like the film festival
      • Having opportunities to visit the other schools and see what they are doing during the day

    Table Six
      • Get the whole of New Zealand involved with it
      • And the whole world...
      • Everyone should bring technology devices
      • Get the Primaries, Intermediates and Colleges of Aotearoa New Zealand involved with Manaiakalani.
    Table Seven
      • If Manaiakalani went world wide.