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LCN September

Learning and Change

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Collaborative Document:

This two day event was hosted by the Manaiakalani team in September 2013
  1. Understanding Manaiakalani
  2. Making connections between The Manaiakalani Programme (TMP) and Lateral Learning  


Research report

  1. Research report online

  2. For the once over lightly, we have a 2-pager  for our various supporters and this blogpost.

Students reflect on 1:1 readings here

Explore the Manaiakalani Schools here

Visit the Manaiakalani Community on Google+ (join if interested)

Links from the two days in order of the programme sequence:
 Time Event Links
 Monday Agenda SettingManaiakalani Website
Manaiakalani PLD Website
 Morning Pt England SchoolSchool Website
  Pt England Ambassadors Links to Year 6 Ambassadors' blogs:
 Dorothy Burt
Manaiakalani PLD Co-ordinator
 Re-tooling Schools
Russell Burt
Re-Tooling Schools
 Afternoon Tamaki CollegeSchool Website
School Online Sites
School CyberSmart Curriculum
  Classroom teachers share their practiceDot Apelu, Social Sciences - Google Site
Aireen Ah Kui, Tamaki Primary  Video  Google Site
Matt Griffith - English - Google Site
Ted Barks, Pt England, Google SiteBlogTeam Site
Kent Somerville, Pt England, Google Site, Class Blog
Kimberly Ouano, Pt England, BlogGoogle Site
Noelene Dunn, Maths, Google Site
Elfrida Raj, Glenbrae, BlogGoogle Site
Amber George, English, Google Site
Karen Ferguson, Graphics and DesignBlog
 Tuesday Debrief 
  School VisitsGlenbrae
Glen Innes
Panmure Bridge
St Pius X
St Patrick's
Tamaki Primary
Sommerville Special School
  Stonefields School Stonefields
  Support Team Fiona Grant  PLD Team - Orientation PLD Site
Jenny Oxley, CEO Manaiakalani Education Trust - policies site
Joel Hamilton, Volunteer Hackers
Matt Elgar,  Fusion Networks Wireless
Jan Zawadzki, Hapara Teacher Dashboard
Manaiakalani Innovative Teacher Academy
Read more about MITA here
 All the links to these teachers' research areas are here, so scroll through and explore:

Sarah Gleeson, Joy Paton, Nick Major, Juanita Garden, Chris Marks, Helen King, Helen Squires, Ria Tuala
Presentation is online here

LCN MITA Sept 3rd 2013