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The learning intentions for this lesson was to participate 100% as a member of a group and to visually represent a fraction of a whole. The video show myself recapping how to find a fraction of a whole and introducing the task . It then moves onto the children completing the task and hearing some of their feedback.
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Reflection/Next steps
The children were really engaged with the lesson which was great to see. While they found it challenging to work in their preassigned groups they persevered and completed the task. The challenge I find with create activities is that although they can be engaging children can get caught up in the creating part and neglect the accuracy of the content that is included in their creation. This can be seen in the children's video below where they have a couple of examples that are incorrect (1/5 of 20 = 4).  If I was to do this again I would get the children to focus more on their content and making sure the actual maths side of it was well thought through. This lesson was effective in concretising the process of finding a fraction of a whole. 

In regards to my teaching I tried really hard not to say things like "ok' and "alright" to cue the kids in as I was saying it a lot (as can be seen in previous episodes). I think I was somewhat successful in achieving this. It's amazing how much of a habit it had become.

 Learning Site Content
WALT: Participate 100% as a member of a group
            Visually represent a fraction of a whole


Your mission is to work together as a team to create a visual representation of the fractions written in the envelope (Look at the example below)

1/4 o4 8 = O O O O O O O O
 - Your visual representation could be a photograph, video, Google Doc or                    anything else you can think of
 - Points will be given to the groups who work together best and the groups where    everyone participates.
 - Points will also be given to the groups that come up with an interesting way to        represent a fraction. FYI the example above is not interesting.
 - You will be sharing your creations to the class 9.30 Thursday morning.
 - This is not a race.

 Child Created Content


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