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The learning intention for this lesson was to use tenths to make numbers.  In the video you see me working with a small group. We start by identifying what a tenth is then we use Popsicle sticks to concretise the idea that 10 tenths make 1. We then move on to adding decimals using the popsicle sticks. 
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Reflection/Next steps
I found this lesson a bit of a struggle. Some of the children were reluctant to engage, maybe because they thought they were beyond this however evidence from their classwork and GLOSS test indicates otherwise. This lesson highlighted to me how important materials are for teaching decimal place value. With using materials the children quickly latched onto the idea that 1 popsicle stick represented 1/10 so 3 popsicle sticks represented 3/10 and so on. It also made it easier for them to add decimals together. The next steps involve removing the scaffolds and getting the children to work with tenths without the popsicle sticks.

 Learning Site Content
WALT:  - Use tenths to make numbers

1 - Meet with your teacher when called

2 - Copy, file and turn in Popsicle Decimals

3 - Complete popsicle decimals

4 - Post your presentation on your blog along with a blurb explaining your learning

Popsicle Decimals - Task

Popsicle decimals

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