Direct Instruction
There were two learning intentions for this lesson.
1) Identify independent and dependent clauses.
2) Identify the subject and the predicate
This lesson was precursor to a lesson on complex sentences. In order to understand complex sentences kids had to have a good understanding on independent and dependent clauses.  The episode starts with the kids spotting the difference between two different clauses. This then leads into a whole class lesson about clauses in particular independent clauses. The video wraps up with footage of the children participating in the subject/predicate activity and also features children working on their presentations.
Detailed plan here

Reflection/Next steps
Most of the class were confident in identifying the subject and predicate by the end of the lessons which was great to see. The kids enjoyed the subject/predicate activity and I think this helped a lot in cementing the difference between the subject and predicate for them. While the children had a good understanding of subject and predicate there is still a need for further exploration of independent and dependent clauses. I also didn't spend enough time looking at what a clause actually is so this will need to be reinforced at a later date as well. 

 Learning Site Content
WALT: Identify independent and dependent clauses
            Identify the subject and predicate of a sentence

1 - Watch the independent video and discuss with your teacher

2 - Watch the dependent video and discuss with your teacher

3 - File, copy and turn in the independent & dependent clauses activity below

4 - Complete the independent and dependent clauses activity with a partner

Independent clauses video

Dependent & independent video 

 Child Created Content
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