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The learning intention for this was to create a rap, song or poem and to participate 100% as a member of a group. The start of the video shows the whole class introduction of the task and then moves into a small group session where the children check in with me. At the 4 minutes you see some of the children reflecting on the task.
This lesson/task came about after the class had been making a conscious effort to learn the times tables over a number of weeks. 
Detailed plan here

Reflection/Next steps
It turns out I was way too ambitious to think this would be done within one week or even two. The children who managed to create a final product needed a lot of my help to complete it. If I was to do this again I would probably only give the task to select children or have it as an additional task that ran alongside other learning for a number of weeks.  Although it took a long time to complete the task the children were visibly engaged in the activity and enjoyed the creating process. What stood out for me was seeing how enthusiastic the boys were about this activity. Boys who don't often get excited about maths were visibly enjoying creating their song or rap. This highlighted again just how important it is to create tasks that are relevant and engaging for the children. Next time I would require the children to learn and know the times table before recording their song or rap. This would ensure the children 100% knew their chosen times table. As it turned out the children read their script while recording which made for accurate recording however when quizzed on those times tables some struggled to respond accurately. This showed that they hadn't 100% learnt the times table they were creating for. 

 Learning Site Content
WALT:  - Create a rap, song or poem to help the year 5 & 6 students learn the times tables.
              - Participate 100% as a member of a group.

1 - With your group select the times table you will be making a rap, song or poem for - select      one that you need to work on.

2 - Watch the Videos for inspiration

3 - Use the planning template below or create your own to plan you rap, song or poem

4 - Start writing

5 - Record/create you rap, song or poem

6 - Check in with your teacher when called

7 - Share your creation on your blog

Optional planing template

Videos for inspiration

Child created content
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