Direct Instruction
The learning intention for this lesson was to participate in a group discussion by actively listening and speaking. In the video you see the children being introduced to the activity and having their first discussion. In the last minute you see the children being introduced to the reflection activity. The group was intentionally put together with children who wouldn't naturally speak their mind in a group setting.
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Things to note
You will notice that in the last minute of the video I am wearing different clothing. This is because we ran out of time to complete the lesson so the lesson was completed the following day.

Reflection/Next steps
This was our first attempt at the Talking points activity and on the whole I feel it was successful. While it was far from an in depth discussion each of the children managed to share their thoughts and listen to others which was a good start. It was interesting to watch the children initially only talk to their neighbours, despite having talked about what a good group discussion looks like prior to the activity. They defaulted to what was natural to them. This highlighted to me how important it is for children to do activities like this in order to develop their abilities to discuss and have healthy arguments. Our next steps involve looking at ways to carry a discussion on further. Once the children had all said their initial thoughts the discussion seemed to stop despite them having conflicting views. It will be interesting to see how this develops over time.

Reflecting on my practise
Like the last episode I am learning a lot from watching myself back again. It's interesting how much you miss when you are in the moment. From watching the footage it was evident that I needed to allow for more 'wait time' when asking the children questions. When I asked them for some success criteria I hardly gave them any chance to think before I jumped in with my own thoughts. Will definitely be trying to sort that out.

 Learning Site Content
WALT: Participate in a group discussion by actively listening & speaking

Session 1  
1 - Work through whole class activity with teacher

Session 2
1 - Meet as a group with the teacher
2 - File copy and turn in Talking points 1
3 - Complete the Talking points activity with your teacher

Follow up reflection
1 - Take 3 minutes to think about your response to these questions
   - How did you feel during this activity?
   - What did you find challenging?
   - What do you think your group needs to improve on?

2 - Use the Padlet to reflect on the activity

3 - Share and discuss your reflection with a partner

4 - Embed your groups Padlet reflection on your blog

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