Direct Instruction
The learning intention for this lesson was to measure accurately and to find the difference between two numbers. The first video includes a whole class set up of the lesson where we discuss how to accurately measure. The children measure the length and width of their desk then we have a discussion about how to find the difference between the two numbers/measurements. The second video shows some of the children working through the  measurement activity.
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Reflection/Next steps
In hindsight I think I may have been a bit ambitious having two learning intentions for this lesson. If I was to do it again I would spend more time on what it looks like to accurately measure with a tape measure as I don't think I covered this enough. I wrongly assumed this would already be a skill the kids would be familiar with. Like all create activities they can take a long time and this lesson was no exception. There were many parts to it and If I was to do it again I would make it span two weeks. 
One challenge with create activities is that children can get to focused on the task (recording of the video) and neglect the accuracy of the content. This can be seen in one of the videos below. Next time I will endeavour to check in with the children more throughout the recording process to ensure the content of what they are recording is accurate. On a positive note the children really enjoyed the hands on aspect of the activity. It was great to see different ability children problem solving and learning together. 

 Learning Site Content
WALT:  -  Measure accurately and find the difference between two measurements

1 - Participate in full class discussion with your teacher
2 - Copy, file and turn in the Measuring Mates activity
3 - Complete the Measuring Mates activity
4 - Share your video on your blog

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