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This lesson is a follow on from my inquiry. It is be based on the feedback from my previous Maths lesson on fractions. (Click here to view it). The feed back showed that though my students liked teaching their buddies, they wanted learning to be more of fun...
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This lesson was a very satisfying lesson for me. I was impressed how most of my students were becoming confident at sharing their ideas and thoughts about teaching and learning. They were becoming more and more self reflective and beginning to use their initiative to drive their own learning.

At the end of our learning of fractions I feel a very proud teacher of my year 4 students who worked immensely hard to make learning fun for their buddies. Playing games made every student interested in his/ her learning. They not only learnt how to find the halves and the quarters of numbers but also understood the concept behind fractions. Playing games helped them to learn doubles and halves. Now most students are able to recall fraction facts easily. It is also wonderful to see the language of Maths flowing out easily when playing games. Sharing and playing fraction games with their parents made my students feel very confident and proud of their learning.


Next step

Continue to gather student voice and keep myself informed about how they would like to learn. This will make them more reflective learners.

WALT get fluent at recalling halves and quarters of numbers.

WALT solve problems using simple fractions.

In a group invent a plan for your decimal game.

Decide the rules for it.

List the equipment you would need to play the game.

Write clear instructions on how to play your Fraction game.

Check to make sure that your game fulfils the criteria.


Archana Sharma
Tamaki Primary School
New Zealand

Manaiakalani Research

New Zealand Curriculum