Sharma 6


The aim of this lesson was to get my students talk about their learning. So through a lesson on fractions, I have tried to encourage my students to share their learning more through the act of teaching.
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This was a very different lesson to other lessons. It is based on the principle of Ako. I want to empower every student by learning with and from each other. It also aligns with my inquiry where I want students to participate in learning discourses.

Considering that it was our first attempt, I think we have achieved some success. In the beginning, students were shy to ask questions of each other, but overall it helped in shaping a positive collaborative culture in class. It got me really excited to see that my students were trying very hard to think about what they had to say when they had to teach their buddy. It was good to see them use their metacognitive skills. It was also a great opportunity for me to do an informal assessment on students who could articulate their learning from the ones who still needed support.

Next Step for me is to continue to emphasise on the principle of Ako by encouraging my students to engage in collaborative learning as such skills cannot be mastered in one week.

WAL about fractions of space.

WAL about fractions of number.



Archana Sharma
Tamaki Primary School
New Zealand

Manaiakalani Research

New Zealand Curriculum