Sharma 5


This  lesson demonstrates activating prior knowledge and making connections with the text that they are about to read. I do this by asking my students questions about the topic of the text. It is also the place where I clarify meaning of some unknown words and topic vocabulary in order to support them to make meaning of the text.

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The whole idea of choosing this text was to support students with making connections to self - which was to help them relate with what they read to their own personal experiences. Kutai Fritters by Charlene Mataio was a great choice of text as they could make cultural connections with it too. Students could read the text fluently as they were already familiar with the difficult words and the phrases that they were to find in the text. I had videos of tides and rock pools for students who did not have much experience about the sea. This helped them greatly in comprehending text and also kept the motivation to read alive till the very end.

All students gave feedback to each other at the end of their follow up task which was to write a recount on their best day ever. This was very powerful as they could decide the next steps for their peers and hopefully this discussion will remind them to use features of a good recount when they write in future.

WALT make connections with the text we read.

Look at the title and the cover of the book. What does it remind you of ?

Try answering the questions in the slide before reading the book.


Archana Sharma
Tamaki Primary School
New Zealand

Manaiakalani Research

New Zealand Curriculum