Sharma 15


n this lesson students are learning to understand how artists use colours to express their feelings and emotions.
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I enjoyed teaching this lesson. The part of the lesson that excited me the most was when students related themselves to the subject they had chosen. Their writings were a reflection of their thinking and connections to the subject of their artwork. They could describe why their subject inspired them. They thoughtfully chose the background colours to express their feelings. There was a lot of critical thinking involved in the lesson. They not only learnt about the techniques that were used by the New Zealand artist Sheila brown but also made excellent connections with their own lives and express their stories. I am very happy with the outcome.


WALT use Sheila Brown's art technique to paint our backgrounds.


WALT share our feelings through Art


  WALT find how artists express their feelings through colours

Knowing about the New Zealand artist -Sheila Brown.

Archana Sharma
Tamaki Primary School
New Zealand

Manaiakalani Research

New Zealand Curriculum