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This term our topic of study was leisure and entertainment. When I asked my students what they liked to do they came up with answers like cooking, travelling, making something with electrical circuits, tending a vegetable garden, kite flying etc. In my next two episodes, I have tried to showcase how we did our inquiry. These lessons have been integrated with other curriculum areas as well.
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This term the topic of study was Leisure and Entertainment. In this lesson I have attempted to integrate other curriculum areas with the unit. This episode is devoted to the learning that happened with one particular group, who liked to play with wires, switches and broken electrical instruments found at home. Their interest in electronic gadgets led to a discussion on what profession they would like to pursue. As their interest was to learn about electronics, I started by giving them a piece of wire, a battery and a low volt bulb. They had to complete the circuit in order to make the bulb glow. Carrying out this experiment created a lot of excitement. Then I gave them them a reading on how electricity is made. Reading helped them come across topic related and difficult words. Using these words in writing and oral language helped them to practice and use the new vocabulary.

Once students understood the process of how power is made, it was great to see students making links to different life experiences. Linking with other curriculum areas provided students the opportunity to learn the concept really well. They got ample opportunities to speak, read, hear and write about what they had learnt. They also learnt lots of topic related words which they used in explaining concepts verbally or in written form.

Through this study, students not only identified their passion but also researched on what professions they could pursue in the field of their interest. All students in this group wanted to be electrical and electronic engineers. Most students had a vision on what they wanted to achieve when they become engineers. This vision could take them far if they remain motivated to pursue their interests. I feel good as I have been able to give them a glimpse into their future endeavours.

Plan shared with students.

New words learnt

   This group was interested in inventing electrical items.

Integration with Oral language and Technology
WALT speak loudly and clearly when being filmed.
SC: I can say my words clearly so my audience can follow what I say.

Integration with Reading
WALT read and find information from text.
SC - I can look for information and complete my 'information transfer grid'

Integration with Science
WALT locate two rivers in New Zealand that have power stations on them.
SC- I can use the map of New Zealand to locate two rivers that have power stations on them.

Integration with writing
WALT write an explanation on how electricity is produced?
SC: I can make a flow chart to plan my explanation
I can write to explain how electricity comes to our homes.

Archana Sharma
Tamaki Primary School
New Zealand

Manaiakalani Research

New Zealand Curriculum