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n this lesson we are learning to write an orientation for Narratives. I have used the TOPS model to introduce the structure of Narratives. The sequence of lessons can be viewed in two episodes. This episode shows how we learnt to write a setting for our narratives.

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In the first session, an attempt has been made to collaborate so that students get more ideas of each other to write a detailed narrative. I have also tried to extend them by using dialogue in their narratives. At the end of this session, some students used the dialogue and some forgot, so I reminded them to use the dialogue they had written in their plans.

The second part of the lesson mainly captures their understanding of how to use the rubric and be able to analyse and give feedback to their buddies and themselves. To begin with, students have used three elements of the rubric. These are:

  • Captivating audience’s interest

  • Punctuation

  • Character and setting.

I was pretty pleased with the group of students who had their  first attempt at analysing a piece of writing written by one of their classmates. I did not disclose the name of the student whose writing I have used for the purpose of moderation.

It was interesting to see how they collaborated and discussed with each other when moderating the sample. They all decided on a mark and gave reasons on why they think that mark should be given. This was a moment when I felt very successful as a teacher. I was proud of them. This exercise has also given me an indication that some of my students are ready for further extension.

Next steps

My students still need a lot of practice to fluently use appropriate dialogue in the correct place, in their writings. At present, they are randomly inserting dialogue anywhere they please. So I will read them books during Teacher read time. The purpose will be to draw their attention to how the author uses dialogue to enhance meaning. I would do this through a strategy known as 'think aloud'.

Example used by students to analyse writing.


WALT introduce characters for our narratives
SC: I can collaborate with my peers and brainstorm lots of ideas about the character in our narrative.
I have attempted to use a dialogue to introduce my characters.

Our first attempt to write a dialogue to introduce our characters.

Archana Sharma
Tamaki Primary School
New Zealand

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