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n this lesson we are learning about ratios. This is the first time that I have introduced ratios to my class, so I have used simple example to clarify the concept. We used body percussions and simple examples to understand ratios. A part of the lesson is led by our music teacher Mr. Strickland. In one of the videos you will view how he makes connections with music and ratios.
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I enjoyed teaching this lesson. It was incidental when a couple of students asked me what the two dots between the numbers meant. I first explained them what ratios were. I used some simple examples to clarify the meaning of ratios and then invited our music teacher, Mr. Strickland to show how ratios are used in music. Having a real life example was very empowering. Using equipment like counters and beans helped students to further understand and solve problems on ratios.


WALT understand what ratios are.

A group working on ratio problems

Number Talks

Discovering ratios through Music


Task 1 - Understanding ratios

Task 2 - Practicing simple problems on ratio

Archana Sharma
Tamaki Primary School
New Zealand

Manaiakalani Research

New Zealand Curriculum