Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to make connections as we read. I encouraged the learners to make connections between the previous texts we have read, as well as their own prior knowledge and/ or other texts. We read roughly a third of the text in this session.
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This lesson had a high interest level for about half the group, and then it was unclear whether the other students were less interested or just less keen to participate in the discussion. I will keep an eye on these members of the group, and try to incorporate them more in the discussion. Those that were participating in the discussion were very keen to share their ideas, their connections, and their experiences. This made it very easy to achieve the learning intention and fuel a great learning conversation. I had very fun time during this lesson, particularly when the girls shared their knowledge of the Tongan language and we were able to relate the discussion to the Disney movie Moana.

Things to note
At the beginning of the video you can see quite a large group of adults in the room. They were part of the visitor group being showed through Pt England School.

Learning Site Content
Walt: make connections to things we have already read, or already know.

Key Ideas to find out and understand 
  • What are Waka?  
  • What technology is involved? 
  • Why did Māori and Pasifika people use Waka?
  • What was life like on long distance Waka trips.
Explore through the different texts. Some readings will help you answer specific tasks.

Do your own research on the Waka. If you were going to make your own waka how would you do it? Write a blog post about what you would do.

Polynesian Navigators

Explorers of the Sunrise

Māori Waka

Waka Technology / Tools



Learner Created Content
   Daisy    Amelia    Naomi      

  http://pesdaisyf.blogspot.co.nz/   http://pesameliah.blogspot.co.nz/   http://pesnaomip.blogspot.co.nz/  
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Task 2
Task 1
Task 2
Task 1
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