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The learning intention for this lesson was to write a recount using interesting vocabulary. The exciting writing experience was used to help the learners think of interesting words to use in their recount. A larger amount of scaffolding was used to support learners in this. The video shows a two hour session for this lesson and shows it being led by another teacher, with me supporting the class at the group level.

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What an awesome writing experience this turned out to be. The whole class was buzzing during this lesson, and almost all learners had a go at eating the crickets. Some were a little bit over the top and pretended to need to throw up, others screamed and performed, but overall everyone had a positive experience. The learning intention was successfully achieved across the whole class, and at all levels. Every learner attempted to make their writing contain interesting words, and exciting sentences.

Things to note
Yes these were real crickets (found here)! Lisa Stickland releases me from the classroom on Thursdays and Fridays, however when able I like to stay in class and team teach with her. As you can note in the video she is leading this lesson, with me assisting. 

Learning Site Content
Walt: write a recount using interesting vocabulary.

Complete the exciting experience with your teacher before you start.

Writing Template
Think about the excitement and fear you felt. Use the writing template to try and explain those feelings through interesting vocabulary.

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Fear Factor - Eating Crickets

 Edible Crickets!
 Writing Template


Edible Crickets

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