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The learning intention for this lesson was to solve division problems using reversibility. This lesson was the first session for our next block of division work, but is following on from a weeks worth of multiplication learning. I have aimed quite low and used the 5 times table so that knowledge will not get in the way of using the strategy. The key understanding that needed to be taken away from this lesson was that Division and Multiplication are the same, and you can split numbers to make them easier to solve.
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The whole group by the end of the session were confident in reversing a Division problem to a Multiplication problem which was great. Some of the group were struggling with splitting up the problem, and others were lacking the basic fact knowledge to solve the problems properly. This was surprising to me  as I anticipated the 5 times table was solid amongst the whole group.  Reinforces the need for constant basic fact practice.

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Walt: solve division problems using multiplication.

Completed every day. 

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Minimum 15 minutes everyday. Stick with Tutor mode, remember to use you maths book and pencil to work out longer problems.

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Work out in your book. Compare answers with a friend and discuss different answers. Answers published on Fridays.

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Solve and put on blog by Friday.

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