Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to retell what we have learned in interesting ways.
The video shows the practical experience section of the lesson, rather than the in class instruction. We touch on the safety checks needed for both ourselves and our bikes before we begin, breaking and stopping practice, before doing laps around the bike track.
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Although each of these learners already knew how to ride, each of them could understand the importance of what they were learning for those who didn't know how to ride. There was a mixture in confidence levels in the group, however everyone was really supportive. I pulled this group out during my  CRT release time. When I try a version of this lesson with the whole class I think I will need someone to support me. We can all do the saftey checks together, but then my support staff would watch/ work with the confident riders, and I would work with the less confident riders.

Things to note
In the video you can hear a hilarious "Ka-Kaww" noise. This was used to match the sound recording I was making on my phone, to the sound recording on the video camera. It was funny, so I decided to leave it in. I like to explain any 'techy' tricks I do for the recordings to the learners, because I found that last year the more they are clued into what we are trying to achieve, the more helpful they become. Often thinking of work arounds and solutions to problems that I haven't.

Learning Site Content
Walt: retell information in an interesting way.

Complete the experience with your teacher before you start.

Writing Template
Use what you learned in the experience to write a short recount about what happened.

The information you have learned is very important, make sure you share to other kids on your blog

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 Writing Template

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