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The intention for this lesson was to provide interesting and engaging lessons/ activities that the learners can work on independently. During Term 4 there is always an increased amount of time that learners will need to be working independently while the teacher is busy testing. These lessons are intended to keep the learners engaged while working independent from the teacher. 
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It's always hard to balance the time needed for testing with the time that you spend with the learners, during the testing schedule. Using the affordances of technology I think we are extremely advantaged over a paper based classroom. It does require you to potentially do more setting up and prep than if you chose to do some of the more traditional "time wasting" activities, but its far more engaging and valuable for the learners to have some thing purposeful to do. I find that the more similar the work is to "normal class work", then the more settled the class actually is.

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Thank you letters
We have had some awesome experiences lately, and they have required a lot of effort by teachers, and volunteers. It might be nice to express your gratitude to them on your blog. 

How to sprint like Usain Bolt
Look at the video of Usain Bolt sprinting. What do you notice, what makes him so good. 
Look at the video of yourself sprinting. What do you notice, where are some areas that you think you could improve.

Design a poster so that other kids could learn to sprint as well as Usain Bolt. What are the main things to get right?

Thank you Letters

Thank you Letters

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Thank you Writing
Thank you Writing
Thank you writing

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