Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to learn what was required for a piece of recount writing.
The video shows the same lesson taking shape over three days. The direct instruction section takes place on the second day. You can see that I am summarising the work that we completed the day before, and modelling how I would like the next paragraphs to be written. 
Much of what I am talking about, i.e. the complex and simple sentences, are things we have worked on previously. Instead I am simply reminding the learners what they mean, and re-explaining why we use them.
Extended plan here

The hardest part for the learners in this lesson was sticking to writing in the past tense. However overall I was quite happy with how the writing turned out. Even though the big space was quite noisy, the class worked really well in silence while writing. Between each paragraph we returned to the mat to hear further instructions/ modelling. 

Things to note
This was filmed over 3 days, however the second day where I am shown at the front of the class was the only day I had initially decided to film. The first day I captured on my iPhone when I wasn't giving instructions, because of this I don't have footage of the actual finished towers as I was leading at the front of the class for this. In hindsight this is a shame, as It would have been nice to have had it captured on the video.
You can hear a lot of noise appearing to be coming from the back of the classroom, the noise is in fact coming from the two other classes in the space. 

Learning Site Content
Walt: write a recount.

Complete the experience with your teacher before you start.

Writing Template
Use the writing template to help guide your template. You will need to write a paragraph for each section of the template.

Buddy check
If both you an buddy have finished, you can check each others work. You are looking to make sure that the template has been followed, and spot basic punctuation errors.

Power of Team work

 Writing Template
 The Challenge



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