Research Methods
EdProfst 700: Literacy Education:
Research and Practice
Understandings of research tools adequate for empirical study and an application of theory to literacy practices, critical analysis of how research questions are constructed and ability to situate and view educational issues and questions within major theoretical frameworks in literacy education will be developed.
(Please note that this is the official name of the Research Methods paper).


Accelerating Learning

Edcurric 740: Accelerating Learning

A critical examination and application of the current theory, research and practice in accelerating the learning of students making less than expected progress. Using the knowledge and skills developed in the course, students develop and evaluate new instructional designs for accelerating learning in digital environments.
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Research Methods
Accelerating Learning
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Digital Enhancement

Edcurric 720: Digital Enhancement

A critical examination of the research and practice in using ICT to transform classroom pedagogy and enhance students’ learning experiences. Students will test concepts of usage, and evaluate new instructional designs for using ICT in classrooms using the knowledge and skills developed in the course. 



A thesis or dissertation is the written report of a research study undertaken in partial fulfilment of the Bachelor in Education (Teaching) (Honours) and Masters in Professional Studies in Education. It allows students the opportunity to explore areas or problems in detail, and develop and utilise thinking and analytical skills. The dissertations should demonstrate a capacity for independent thinking, contribute to existing scholarship and must meet international standards for such scholarly research.

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Research Methods 
Assignment 2:  26 March
Assignment 3 - Literature Review:  May 7  
Assignment 4 - Research Proposal:  July 15
Assignment 5 - Ethics Application:  Sept 16

Accelerating Learning 
Assignment 1:  June 3
Assignment 2:  July 15
Assignment 3:  October 14

2014 MDTA Academic

Digital Enhancement