Tuatara arrive at Kelly Tarlton's
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Thursday, 17 March 2016
Tuatara are now on display at Kelly Tarlton's for the first time! Tuatara, one of New Zealand's most iconic animals, are one of the world's least evolved and longest surviving species - having been alive since the time of the dinosaurs.

Watch the video  about the Tuataras moving to Kelly Tarlton's. 

Four new tuatara have been welcomed to Auckland's Kelly Tarlton's aquarium, settling in after a long trek up from Invercargill.

The four females were born at Invercargill's Southland Museum and Art Gallery as part of the national breeding program.

Kelly Tarlton’s Tuatara Information
How many tuatara are arriving? Four, all female Where did they come from? The Southland Museum and Art Gallery in Invercargill, where they were bred as part of the national breeding programme.

How old are the tuatara? 

They are six years old. Tuatara can live to be over 100 years old.


You will create a letter to Kelly Tarlton's describing your perspective on Tuatara living there. 

You will create a video comparing your perspective with your partners perspective.  

Open this doc and make a copy. The Doc will contain all your work including your letter and instructions for creating your video.

Interesting fact and details about Tuatara from Te Ara.                                                                 

Facts about Tuatar
a from the department of conversation.

All about Tuatara

Tuatara arriving at Kelly Tarlton's

Teachers Notes 

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