Room 301 - Mr. Estill

Welcome Back!!

2018/2019 School Year

Class Rules

  1. Come to class prepared
  2. Be respectful of others in the class
  3. Please manage your cell phone/devices so that they don't distract you or the class!
  4. Inappropriate language is not to be used
  5. Go to the bathroom between classes
  6. No food or pop in the classroom
  7. Students are not to be in the classroom unsupervised.

Contact Mr. Estill

E-mail Address

Phone #406-301-1718

Click on the "Lesson Plans" link above to go to the lesson plans for the week.


  • Three ring binder (To be used for science only)
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Scientific Calculator (Chemistry and Physics only)
      • A calculator that meets the requirements of the Math Department is great!

Class Information Sheet Freshman

Class Information Sheet Freshman.docx

Class Information Sheet Junior/Senior

Class Information Sheet.doc