Junior Certificate

The school seeks to offer a broad range of subjects to our incoming students. These subjects are offered at Higher, Ordinary or Foundation level.

Students may choose from the following

Core Subjects:

Gaeilge, English, Maths, Religion, C.S.P.E, Science, History, Geography and Physical Education.

Choices must be made from among the following OPTIONAL SUBJECTS: Art, Business, Home Economics, French, German, Spanish, Materials Technology Wood, Materials Technology Metal, Music, Technical Graphics and Technology.


This programme is available to all students who have completed a Junior Certificate programme. Our students may take the Leaving Certificate or they may study for Leaving Certificate Vocational programme.

Students and parents will be advised by the Guidance Counsellors and by teaching staff on course selection and on choice of optional subjects on the Leaving Certificate programme.

All students will study the following Core Subjects:

GaeilgeEnglishMathsReligion, and Phyisical Education.

Students select subjects from the following list of OPTIONS:

AccountingArtAgricultural ScienceBiologyBusinessClassical StudiesChemistryConstruction StudiesEconomicsEngineeringFrenchGermanSpanishGeographyHistoryHome EconomicsPreparation for Work/Enterprise Education (LCVP Link Modules)MusicPhysicsReligious StudiesTechnical Graphics, & Technology . 

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