Valued Relationships with Parents and Guardians - Protocol for Communications with Malahide Community School

Malahide Community School continually seeks to build strong relationships with Parents and Guardians.  

We value the fact that Parents and Guardians have entrusted their child / children into our care. 

We view Parents and Guardians as true Partners in the education of their children and we strive to keep the channels of communication open at all times, in order to facilitate this.

With this in mind and in consultation with all of our Educational Partners - the Parents' Association, Staff, Students and the Board of Management - a Protocol for Communications with Parents and Guardians has been designed, for the education, welfare and safe-guarding of all of our students.

This Protocol is outlined in the Flow Chart below.

Please note:

  1. when dealing with a Pastoral Issue, contact can be made directly with a Year Head or a Guidance Counsellor

  2. the term ‘Parent’ / ‘Guardian’ may also constitute a Student who is over 18 years of age and who wishes to conduct the Communication Process themselves

We invite Parents, Guardians, Teachers and Students over 18 years of age to follow this Protocol, so that, together, we can provide the most positive and equitable educational experience for all of our Students.

Malahide Community School Communications Flowchart