Parents play a crucial role in shaping the attitude which produces good behaviour in our school. If a positive attitude towards the value of study is passed on by parents, our students will be much more favourably disposed to meet the demands of courtesy, discipline and study that school must impose. This favourable disposition will mean that the student has a much greater chance to maximise his/her potential.

Malahide Community School seeks the active involvement and co-operation of the parents/guardians of all of our students. This active co-operation will be sought at an early stage. If a problem is arising parents will be given a fair hearing and will always be informed of their right to appeal.

Our parents have two representatives on the school’s Board of Management. Parents are asked to attend appropriate parent teacher meetings. Parents can arrange a meeting with any teacher provided that sufficient notice is given. Teachers cannot leave classes unattended to speak with a parent who is seeking a meeting without an appointment.