Introduction:The Board of Management of Malahide Community School has formulated its admission policy as required by the relevant legislation of the Education Act of 1998 and the Welfare Act of 2000. This policy was revised in September 2015

Mission Statement: Pobalscoil Iosa (Malahide Community School) is a recognised co-educational, non-selective school that welcomes pupils of all religious denominations and none. The school is funded by the Department of Education and Skills and is provided with staff in accordance with the teacher allocation system of the Department of Education and Skills.

The school seeks to provide a climate in which students find encouragement to develop spiritual and moral values, personal and social skills and the highest standards of excellence of which they are capable both academically and in all other aspects of their school activities.  We recognise the complementary roles of parents and teachers in educating the young and in partnership we pursue the common aim of educating our students according to Christian principles.

Students should find in our school an environment that promotes all types of abilities and talents.  They should also find and develop the opportunities to make a positive contribution to their own education through their involvement and support for responsible and democratic processes and systems such as the Prefect system and the Student Council.

The diversity of our school curriculum should enable students to develop the skills necessary for satisfying personal, social and working life, enabling them to become responsible and adaptable adults.

As a community school we have a special responsibility to facilitate continuing education and leisure activities for the local community. We believe in the benefits of a well-ordered and structured school environment which facilitates and encourages learning.

Catchment Area: The Deed of Trust for Community Schools places particular emphasis on the provision for children “in the locality”.  With that in mind, pupils from the Malahide area, as specified in the map of our catchment area, are catered for as a priority, with applications from neighbouring areas being considered on the basis of the places we have available.  Consequently, we require from parents: accurate information as to the location of their principal private residence at the time of application. False or misleading information will invalidate an application. 

A map of the Catchment is available on the school’s website and also at the school’s office.

Special Education Needs (SEN): Pobalscoil Íosa is committed within its limited resources to do all that is reasonable to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities or special needs. However, there are exemptions from the general principles of discrimination under the Equal Status Act to the extent that compliance with any of its provisions in relation to a student with a disability would, by virtue of the disability, make it impossible, or have a detrimental effect on, the provision by an educational establishment of its services to other students.

We are also committed to the principle of promoting equality and prohibit any forms of discrimination and harassment.

Code of Behaviour: Parents/Guardians who accept a place in Malahide Community School must familiarise themselves with this admissions policy and the school’s Code of Behaviour. Parents/Guardians must sign that they have read our Code of Behaviour and support the school in its implementation. The Code of Behaviour can be found on the school website A copy will be sent to all parents when a place is being offered. 

Enrolment procedure of First Year Students

Acceptance / NON- Acceptance Form