The GILMOUR family: John GILMOUR ( d 1762)

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Robert Henry RUBIDGE's mother was Margaret Ann GILMOUR born 6th January 1763 and baptised at St Michael's Bassishaw  and for a description of the ward.

Her father was John GILMOUR, a factor of Blackwell Hall, Basinghall Street,  London and her mother was Mary BENNET. Blackwall Hall was a cloth market so presumably John Gilmour traded in cloth.

Margaret Ann, or Ann as she was recorded on the baptismal record of son Charles in 1787 in St George's in the East, is supposed to have been an adopted daughter of De Noun or Denoon and this supposition is repeated in numerous sources about the RUBIDGE antecedents. However, John GILMOUR's will
dated September and proved November 1762 refers to his wife's pregnancy three times suggesting that the daughter baptised in January 1763 was his natural daughter.

A note in Marge Rubidge's register, referring to a note made by Alfred Portlock Rubidge, states that APR said a cousin of Margaret Gilmour, David Gilmour, married a Miss Denoon so perhaps the key to this mystery lies here. However, the IGI has the marriage of David Gilmour to Eliza Dean and the name Eliza is given in David Gilmour's will of 1829. There is doubtless a DeNoon connectionsomewhere  as most family myths have some basis in fact but quite what the truth is, we do no yet know.

John's will also refers to his daughter Elizabeth baptised 29th November 1761 also at S
t Michael's Bassishaw so it is likely that she too was the natural daughter of John GILMOUR. Other names mentioned in the John Gilmour will are brothers Charles and Nathaniel.

Elizabeth married Captain Nathaniel PORTLOCK
in 1781. Capt. Portlock's will of 1791 ( 28 years after the birth of Margaret Ann Gilmour) refers to his mother-in-law Mary GILMOUR so she was clearly alive at this time. One could question, therefore, the accuracy of the reports noted in various sources on the RUBIDGE family which suggest that Nathaniel GILMOUR took care of these two children. It is however, possible that the whole family went to live with Nathaniel Gilmour, a merchant who lived at Gosport. Nathaniel PORTLOCK was also of Gosport when he was not on on of his voyages.

St. James's Chronicle or the British Evening Post (London, England), Saturday, July 21, 1798;

[Charles RUBIDGE was on the Arrow from 1796 for 13 months under Capt. Portlock.]

Mary Gilmour, the wife of John GILMOUR, is not mentioned in the 1801 codicil to Capt. Portlock's will so had presumably died by then. In fact, she was buried 27th March 1794 in the Parish of Gosport, Hampshire, home town of the Portlocks.

John refers to his mother in his will as Margaret Clark so perhaps this was a second marriage for her or Clark could be her maiden name if she was Scots. There is a suggestion that John indeed had Scottish parentage as brothers with the names John (b 1730), Charles (1739) and Nathaniel Gilmour ( 1742) were born to James GILMORE and Margaret CLARK of Inverness who married in Inverness in 1723. So far, however, this is speculation to pursue in later pages.

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