These pages are about some of the families I am connected to. The families come from England, (London and Southwark, East Sussex, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, Westmorland and Chester); Scotland, mainly Fife;  Wales,mainly Swansea;  South Africa, (Eastern Cape, Natal and Johannesburg).

My South African progenitors were settlers who left the UK between 1821 and 1900 to live in what became South Africa. Some parts of my family have left good tracks so have been easy to follow while others' traces are less discernible and in one case the paternal trail comes to a dead end through illegitimacy.

I have already written about two branches of my father's family: my great grandfather George DALTON (1834 - 1926), a saddler who came from York in 1861 to Natal and my great great grandfather William STARR (1810 -1869) who left East Sussex in 1849 and settled at Verulam, Natal where he became a coffee planter.  These were the antecedents of my paternal grandmother Natalia Elizabeth DALTON (1884 -1946) who married my Scottish grandfather Robert Clark STORRAR (1879 -1976) in Durban in 1909. There is much more to write about so I will begin with the families connected to my maternal grandmother's family, the RUBIDGEs of London and South Africa.

Some of the families who married into the RUBIDGE family will also find their way on to these pages in due course!