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Meet the Board

Rob Riel
 is a maker, an inventor, a hacker and an engineer, and been that way all his life. Rob currently studies computer engineering at UMASS Lowell and specializes in embedded systems design. At heart Rob is a mechatronics engineer and enjoys welding, general metal fabrication, automotive work, as well as machining and other industrial processes. In his free time Rob is designing a large scale general purpose robotic platform, building a Jeep wrangler 4x4 and teaches Welding and Fabrication to beginners at the space.

Paul Hardin
 is a electronics engineer, He specializes in embedded small systems digital control design, working as a contract electronics design eng. making all the best technology come to a gadget near you by doing digital, analog hardware and microcontroller firmware design in independent and international team environments for Continuum, Odic, Rockwell Automation, Cleveland Machine Controls, Bitrode Corp. for the last 26 years. He knows how to forward engineer and reverse engineer i.e. fixing things after breaking things. Paul works in: wood, metal, stone, plastic, wax, photons and electrons.  When not "making" he does a lot of bicycle riding and is a organizer for Charles River Wheelman. 

Christian St. Cyr
 is a full time associate engineer at a small cellular technology company in Chelmsford, MA. He is currently pursuing a BSEE at night at UMass Lowell. Christian started using the Arduino in 2008 and became very invested in open source hardware and connecting with local experimenters through dorkbot, barcamp, the MIT Media Lab and other venues. Christian has helped teach classes on the Arduino and basic electronic projects and worked with members of dorkbot to collectively fund and build a shared 3D printer from one of the first comercial runs of the Makerbot. Christian was also the technical design collaborator on an installation version of the Drawdio that was shown at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria and The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in TaiChung.  

Adam Shrey
 works as a Sr. Electrical Engineer to pay the bills and fund his numerous hobbies. He is most at home in a workshop, and enjoys a wide variety of hands on creative processes, including metal and wood working, welding, automotive work, electronics design and fabrication, programming, and anything else that involves putting a bunch of stuff together to make something cool. He is also interested in alternative energy, particularly solar, and has designed and installed a large PV system for his home.