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After joining, account creation is handled manually, and you will need to come in to set up your RFID.

Pro Membership - $75/mo
  • 24/7 key access
  • Long-term project storage locker/shelf space
  • Priority access to tooling
  • Free Premium Tool Training (Lift, Kiln, Plasma CNC, etc.)
  • Free Hours of Access to Premium tools (actual amount TBD)
  • Large Discounts on Classes
Hobbyist Membership - $40/mo
  • Slightly Restricted RFID Access (7pm onward, or when others are at space)
  • No project storage - 'pack in, pack out'
  • Small Fees for Premium Tool Training (1 time fee)
  • Premium Tool Use by Appointment
  • Small discounts on Classes
Day Pass - $20/day
  • Equivalent to one day of Hobbyist membership.  Please contact us for more details
Specialty plans:

Working Pro Membership - $40/mo + Service Duty
Equivalent to Pro membership for those who otherwise can't afford it.
  • Subject to unanimous approval of board members (to verify need)
  • You'll have a small assigned work duty, like keeping a specific area of the shop cleaned or keeping supplies stocked.
  • Failure to preform duties bumps you down to Hobbyist Membership
  • Limited by available work needed
School/Corporate Multi-seat Membership
  • A set number of memberships available for a group of students or employees to use
  • These are set up on a case by case basis.  Please contact us.  

All members and guests will be required to sign a code of conduct and a waiver before using any tools in the space. Members will have to pass a basic written safety test and demonstrate competent use of each tool they would like to use on an on-going basis.

Age Limits:
  • 13-17 - Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult must hold a membership (Pro or Hobbyist), and minor may accompany them as a guest.  The Responsible Adult must supervise the minor at all times.
  • 18+ No restrictions, but if you are under 21 and caught with alcohol, membership will be revoked and you will be banned from the premises.
  • Under 13?  Contact us, we may be able to work something out.