April 2013

Hosted by:  Maine Association of Emergency Managers (MALEM); State Emergency Response Commission(SERC); and Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).

This is a great time to network with professionals, volunteers, instructors, vendors and many others who come to this conferance. The Classes are very informative and helpful. The menu for these classes are varied across all types of emergency preparedness. They always have a great continental breakfast and a great lunch buffet both days. VOAD will have a display both inside and outside. If your Organization wishes to advertise by sending brochures, posted information or setting up an outside display with us please contact us. We could also use help through those 2 days of conferance.

Maine VOAD
Attn: Tim Brown 207-232-3389
 Brent Trueworthy 207-944-2628
We encourage you to register this year the price for the conference is “FREE”. You will be able to register on line at the Maine Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference website in 2013