Maine VOAD in Action

Gleaning Broccoli in Fort Kent

Between emergencies, Maine VOAD members actively work together on special projects strengthening network relationships and increasing the capacity of our members to serve. On the left is a slide show of volunteers from member organizations gleaning broccoli fields in Aroostook county during the summers of 2008 and 2009. Thousands of pounds were collected and distributed to food pantries and soup kitchens across the state through our member Good Shepherd Food-Bank.

Flooding in Maine

This slide show is a collection of images taken from floods in Maine which members of VOAD have responded to including the recent flooding in Aroostook county where volunteers contributed over $100,000 man hours of work removing downed trees and "mucking" out basements.

Disaster Preparedness

Many of our members, such as N.E.R.T., focus on emergency preparedness and offer training for volunteers covering skills such as first aid, basement mucking and tree removal. There is also an active campaign to teach personal emergency preparedness targeting families with the Ready Freddy Mascot. Ready Freddy visits schools and fairs and encourages households to develop emergency plans and first aid kits.