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Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be Maine Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (MEVOAD).

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of MEVOAD is to foster more effective state disaster response by incorporating the following principles of operation:

Cooperation: creating a climate for cooperation, sharing, and meeting together
Coordination: fostering common understanding, providing a liaison with public officials
Communication: publishing and disseminating information
Collaboration: work together to expand our ability to address the needs of the people affected.
Education: increase member organization mutual awareness and understanding.
Convening Mechanisms: arranging meetings, conferences, and training as necessary.
Political Activity: encouraging effective disaster relief legislation and policy.

Article III: Office

The principal MEVOAD office is the address of the President, Robert Van Deventer, 1058 Albion Road (Route 202), Unity, Maine.

Article IV: Membership

MEVOAD is an umbrella organization comprised of various state agencies and private organizations. Each member organization maintains its own identity and independence, yet pledges to work cooperatively with other member organizations to improve disaster and emergency service and to eliminate unnecessary service duplications.

There are two levels of membership: full membership with voting privileges, and associate membership without voting privileges.

Full-membership is restricted to organizations that are members of the National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters, not-for-profit organizations, and other organizations qualified under the Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) 3 with a written policy of non-discriminatory resource commitment to meet the needs of people affected by a disaster. Each national organization with state representation will have one vote regardless of the number of churches or chapters they have within the state.

Interested federal, state, and local governmental agencies, additional entities of a member organization, and other Maine based private organizations interested in participating in disaster relief are invited to maintain an associate membership. Acceptance of an organization as an associate member must be approved by a majority vote of full-membership organizations present.

Article V: Voting Rights

When a vote is required on any matter brought before a regular or annual meeting in accordance with these bylaws, each full-member organization shall have one (1) vote and one (vote) only. If more than one member is present from any full-member organization, said organization shall be limited to one (1) vote only and the designated representative shall make that vote.

Article VI: Meetings

The first meeting of the calendar year will be designated as the annual meeting. A notice of the meeting place, time, and date will be promulgated at least one week in advance. Any number of member organizations’ representatives may attend.

MEVOAD meetings shall be held at least four times per calendar year. The first meeting of each year will be scheduled at the annual meeting. Subsequent meetings may be held at a time and place specified by the MEVOAD president or be scheduled at the annual meeting. Members and interested parties will be notified of each meeting, and meeting times may be changed due to disaster work.

Special MEVOAD meetings shall be requested by the president and approved by a majority vote of member organizations present at a meeting or by the officers if a regular meeting is not being held preceding the special meting.

Article VII: Officers

MEVOAD officers shall be President, Vice President, and Secretary. Each officer shall be elected during the annual meeting by a majority vote of the member organizations present. Each officer shall be elected annually, and each officer must be selected from a different full member organization.

Article VIII: Amendments

These bylaws may be repealed or amended by a two-thirds vote of full member organizations present at any regular or annual meeting.

Adopted: March 24, 2005

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