General Overview

ME-VOAD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in Maine founded in 1987 following FEMA-788-DR-ME, the April Fools Day Flood. Fourteen of the sixteen counties in Maine were declared disaster areas after many years when there were no disasters declared in the State. 

Members of Maine VOAD form a coalition of nonprofit organizations that respond to disasters as part of their overall mission. Together we foster more effective service through the four C’s—communication, coordination, cooperation and collaboration—by providing convening mechanisms and outreach for all people and organizations involved in disasters.


Darla Chaffin
Augusta, ME

Brent Trueworthy
Co-Chair Northern Region
Brewer, Maine

Tim Brown
Co-Chair Southern Region
Denmark, ME
Jason Hall
Auburn, ME 

Peter Robinson
Board of Directors
Spruce Head, ME


Terry Schaffer
Board of Directors
Portland, ME

Stephen K. Rowe
Board of Directors
Bath, ME