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Below is a list of various tours and available activities. You may contact the tour operators directly or we are happy to help with your arrangements... 

Mayan ruins Your best bets are Xunantunich and Cahal Pech... about a 2.5 hour drive to San Ignacio. Lot's of tour guides do these two as a day trip. Xunantunich (affectionately known as "tuna sandwich") Is quite impressive... Cahal Pech is smaller, very different, worth doing and they are both less than 30 minutes apart. These two sites are from different time periods, and Xunantunich in particular is a wonderful Maya Ruin site, especially if done with one of the guides available for hire on site (reasonable fee). Both have very interesting and informative museums as well. Does not need to be scheduled before you arrive. Here is a list of some of the popular Mayan ruins.
The Mayan ruins closest to the Placencia Peninsula are Nim Li Punit and Lubantuun.  About one and two hours respectively. These are smaller ruins.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary... Jaguar Reserve ... this should be on everyone's "must do" list... hiking, waterfalls and river tubing... you can do this yourself if you are renting a vehicle... it's only 45 minutes from The Maine Stay... or it's easily arranged through the several tour outfits in Placencia. Nice description here.

Monkey River - another great, easy day trip... One of our guests' favorite excursions is a trip to Monkey River! It's a 30 minute boat ride from Placencia to Monkey River Town. You'll pick up a guide, and begin a fascinating trip up the river... and along the way get a chance to see crocs, iguanas, unusual birds, bats, trees and plants. Trail walking through the rain forest follows, with your guide showing you the endless array of insects, plants, critters and of course, the Howler Monkeys.  With a bit of telescope lens, you can get some great photos...  This trip does not need to be scheduled before you arrive.  Departure around 8:30 or 9 am and return around 3:30 or 4 pm.

Photo by Ron Spillman

Scarlet MacawsRed Bank Village - about one hour drive from Placencia. Geronimo Sho. 662-8340 and 668-1724. His son John can be reached at Geronimo runs the access to the trails at Red Bank.The Scarlet Macaws go to Red Bank for access to several kinds of fruits/berries. Best to see them from 6 am to 8 am and then again at 3 pm till about 5 pm.There are up to 200 birds at varying times, mid January through at least the end of March.

Cave Tubing & Zip Lining - see Bocawina (only 40 minutes from The Maine Stay), or Caves Branch or Jaguar Paw links below for info and rates. OK to set up after you arrive and know better what day you want. Cave Tubing depends on river water height during your visit... only a problem with very high or low water.


 -- The ATM (Actun Tunichil Muchnal) Caves- discovered only 20 years ago, though rumours of their existence had long been part of Mayan folklore. And if you venture deep enough into them, you find sacrificial sites that have remained untouched for 1300 years. They're not cheap, but this helps preserve this most sacred and amazing of Mayan sites. Here are reviews of the trip.

 -- Barton Creek Cave - Not as grand as ATM and more claustrophobic, but you still see ancient pottery and bones and at less than half the price.

Snorkeling... Laughingbird Caye, Silk Caye, Ranguana (and others)...Snorkeling on the Cayes - Full day. Really a must do! Does not need to be scheduled before you arrive.

Although there are several tour operators on the Peninsula, we purposely have no financial arrangements with any of them. They know I won't keep recommending them unless they are reliable and do a good job!  

Typical prices are:

(Please note that prices in general can and will vary, depending on current fuel costs)

    * Snorkeling - Laughingbird Caye - $60 US/person (includes lunch BBQ & transport either directly from The Maine Stay or Placencia Village

    * Monkey River - $60 US/person (Includes transport from The Maine Stay, lunch stop extra)

    * Mayan Ruins - park entrance fee around $10 -12 US/person - guide fee around $20 or 25 for the group

    * Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve - see here for lots of information

    * Cave Tubing & Zip Lining - see links below for pricing.

Diving (and tours)

Pontoon Boat
Thirsty Turtle Tours. Party Cruises and Private Rentals
523-3061   670-3045

The Moorings Belize Ltd.  501-523-3351
TMM Charters 501-523-3586

Fly Fishing
Charles Leslie... Tarpon Caye Lodge
Permit Angling
Trip 'N Travel  523-3614

- Kevin Modera - 660-1561

Tours   (Mayan Ruins, Rainforest, Caves, Cave Tubing, etc)
Nite Wind 523-3487

Bruce & Carolyn Leslie rent kayaks at Placencia Point.  Phone is 501-523-3370. Email is

We are happy to help book any of the tours above or any other interesting things you find to explore!
Call our Toll Free number at 1-877-458-7580.
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