The Maine Stay is a completely enclosed cabana area with a gated security fence. Discreet, but effective lighting has been installed on the beach. There is a 24-hour security guard as well as other staff around the premises.

There are coded deadbolt locks on the secure doors, and all the windows have security screens. Lock boxes are provided in each of the Cabanas for valuables.

We think you will find these precautions comfortable and unobtrusive. Really no different than being in a hotel in your hometown. 

Don't hesitate to give us a call on the toll free line to discuss this further... we are happy to! We want you to have a great time.


The Placencia Peninsula is about 17 miles long and located two thirds of the way down the coast of Belize. It is about 150 miles by road from Belize City.  The Maine Stay is five miles from Placencia Village, which is at the very southern tip of the Peninsula. Beach traffic is very minimal in our area. Generally, things are pretty quiet around here!

We have, in the past, had break-ins in our Cabanas. 

As in all tourist areas, petty theft can be a problem. In virtually every instance of theft we have had, it has been due to doors being inadvertently left unlocked or valuables left out unattended. It's quiet and peaceful... so it's also easy to forget and let your guard down a bit. Something you probably wouldn't do on a beach or by a hotel pool in Florida! 

NOTE about Belize City

There has been publicity about safety issues in Belize. The vast majority of problems involving personal safety occur in Belize City. Unfortunately, what happens in Belize City gets magnified and projected to the rest of the country. No question that we would not recommend anyone walking the streets of Belize City at night... or most any time actually. The International Airport is 12 miles outside and west of Belize City, so there is no need or reason, really, "to go there."