Call us TOLL FREE at 1-877-458-7580



The Maine Stay Cabana Suite I phone number is 011-501-523-3298. (The Maine Stay)
The Maine Stay Cabana Suite II phone number is 011-501-523-3296. (The Pier House) 

The Maine Stay Cabana III phone number is 011-501-523-3299. (The Sunrise House)

No charge for any incoming calls. No charge for outgoing calls within Belize. You will need a Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) phone charge pin slip or card to make out-going international calls. These are widely available in stores and at the Placencia office of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL). Using the BTL calling cards, the cost per minute to call the US is about $1.00 BZ per minute (50 cents US). If you go to the trouble to dial 10-10-199-1, then the US number, the cost comes down to about 75 cents (.38 US) per minute.

Many guests are bringing US cell phones that work on the Belize GSM cell phone system. However, the cost per minute to call the US & Canada can be as high as $2 US. We also understand that at least one car rental agency at Belize International Airport (Hertz, and perhaps others) offers inexpensive ($5/day) cell phone rental with their packages. Be sure to ask about this when arranging your rental vehicle, but carefully compare the rates per minute if you plan on making international calls.  Check here for listings of the car rental agencies or just do a search for "car rental Belize."

Our office phone number (from anywhere in the US & Canada) is 1-877-458-7580 (Toll Free) or 207-512-2381... these numbers ring and are answered by us in Belize. Our direct land line in Belize is 011-501-523-3507 and cell phone is 610-0691. We are just across the street from the Cabanas, so if family or friends need to reach you in an emergency, they can call or leave a voice mail message.

FREE Internet

If you bring a laptop, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Blackberry, you can email on The Maine Stay free WiFi network. Some folks use their cell phone for calls to the states, but the per minute rates are usually pretty outrageous. We have good cell phone coverage on the peninsula. BTL (Belize Telemedia Limiyed) is the carrier and is on the GSM system. Check with your cell phone provider to see about compatibility.

For those of you bringing an internet enabled device, each of the Cabana Suites has free internet access providing both wireless and hardwired (ethernet) connections. If you don't bring a laptop (or other device), and there is a need for family to get an urgent email message to you, it should be sent to and  

Our US phone is 1-877-458-7580 (Toll Free) or 207-512-2381

Some of the other places that provide computer/internet access in Placencia include:

  • The Bosun's Chair (at the beginning of the sidewalk)
  • Placencia Office Supply
  • Amigo's