Although personal meds may not be scrutinized... especially if they are in a toiletries container and/or in your carry-on over the shoulder bag, it is still best to have them in labeled prescription bottles. Also, label any baggie (or other container) of non-prescription pills "my vitamins" or better still, take the label from the original bottle and put it in with the pills. 

Any prescription drugs should be in original labeled prescription containers.  

Exemptions from Duties and Taxes

The laws of Belize provides for exemptions from duties and taxes for items imported as accompanied baggage of a passenger that includes:

1) Wearing apparel, jewelry, toilet requisites and any portable article reasonably expected to be carried by him for his own private and personal use, and in the case of a passenger eighteen years old and over:
  • Wines or spirits not exceeding one litre in all and
  • Tobacco, not exceeding 250 grams or
  • Cigars, not exceeding fifty, in number, or
  • Cigarettes, not exceeding Two Hundred in number
  • Goods to the aggregate of BZ $200.00 through an International Airport (BZ$50.00 at other entry points) belonging to a Belizean passenger (including a passenger under eighteen years old) which accompany that passenger and were acquired abroad by him for his personal use or as souvenirs or gifts and admitted as such by the Comptroller of Customs.