What is a search like?
  • Trailer-pool, if possible, with other unit members, to save fuel and take less room in the parking lot
  • Arrive at Command Post (CP), check in, wait for staging area and search assignments
  • Deploy to assigned staging area
  • Park in a safe, compact, and orderly manner
  • Search in teams of 2-3 for safety
  • Ride side-by-side, at a walk, alternating between calling the lost person’s name, blowing SAR whistle, and listening
  • Look ahead, to the side, up, and down
  • Each rider pays strict attention to anything their horse pays attention to - horses’ keen eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell may detect a person or clue long before the rider
  • Before leaving, you must officially check out at the resource trailer! 
How often is MMSAR called out?
In recent years, MMSAR members have attended an average of 7 searches per year.

That doesn't count cases when
 we were called out but the lost person was found either before we deployed, or before we reached the Command Post.  While it can be disappointing "to go all that way for nothing", we are always grateful that the subject has been found.  That's all that really matters, after all!
Where are the Searches?

Please note that the map locations below do not include all our searches, and do not mark the exact search assignment areas. Click individual icons for details including town, month/year, and method of search.

Click here for larger map with Legend.

MMSAR Search Locations