Maine Mounted Search and Rescue (MMSAR) is Maine’s only Mounted Search and Rescue unit.  Our mission is to look for people lost or missing in Maine. 

As a fully-certified unit of the Maine Association for Search And Rescue (MASAR), MMSAR is on call solely to theMaine Warden Service. If you are in need of search and rescue resources in Maine, please contact your local Sheriff's office who will connect you to your local Warden. The Wardens will then deploy MASAR units if they deem it necessary.

MMSAR is a non-profit professional volunteer organization, with both Mounted and Ground Search members. As professionals, we are responsible for attending monthly meetings and training sessions as well as maintaining required certifications. As volunteers, the basic equipment is supplied by each member, and we donate our time and fuel. We rely on fundraising efforts and donations from the public to pay for our training, purchase specialized equipment such as 2-way radios, and provide fuel reimbursement (when possible) for searches and training sessions.

MMSAR is officially based in Litchfield, ME and we hold about half of our meetings at the Litchfield Fire Station.  The rest of our meetings are held regionally via teleconference because we have members all over the state.  Wider membership coverage means we can respond faster to searches all over Maine.  

Why Horses?

Just like dog teams and ground searchers, horse teams bring their own advantages to search and rescue. Here are just a few of them:

  • Horses have an excellent sense of smell, superb hearing, a broad field of vision, and wonderful night vision.
  • As prey animals, horses use these extra-sensitive senses to always be on the lookout for things that are out of place. Mounted Searchers pay close attention to what their horses are reacting to, and therefore are more likely to find a lost person than if they used just their own senses.
  • Horses pick and choose the best paths for them to walk, freeing up the riders to look for the lost person instead of at where they're putting their feet.

Read more about our capabilities here.

For more information, call (207) 852-2638, email, or visit us on Facebook

If you're interested in Maine Search And Rescue, but you're more interested in working with dogs or in technical rescue (rock climbing etc), please consider contacting one of the other SAR units Certified by MASAR.