How To Donate

If you would like to make a donation, please make a check payable to Maine Mounted Search and Rescue or MMSAR, and mail it to: MMSAR Treasurer, 25 Rocky Point Drive, West Gardiner ME 04345.

Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors!  Your donations make what we do possible.  MMSAR is a "professional volunteer" organization, so we rely on fundraising efforts, and donations from the public, to pay for our necessary training, purchase specialized equipment, and provide fuel reimbursement for searches and mounted training sessions.

Proper equipment is both a practical and a safety matter.  We have a unique set of needs because of our horses.  Each of us must carry all we need to sustain the rider, the horse, and potentially the lost person for up to 48 hours if the mission or circumstances dictate.  At present, all members must purchase their own equipment.  Also, our 2-way radios, which we use for communication with the Wardens at searches, are an old technology that is being phased out; we don't have the money to replace them.

Proper training is an obvious necessity.  The Warden Service must be able to rely on us and our horses to be safe and effective, an asset not a liability.  The Unit pays for full members' required training, which leaves little room in the budget for 'optional' training that might expand our skill sets.

Finally, we are constantly in need of funds for reimbursement of fuel spent driving to mounted trainings and searches, some of which can be as far from home as 4-6 hours one way.  We do not have the option of driving an economy car to these events, and most of our members are so widespread that even "trailer-pooling" is usually impossible.  Therefore, in most cases, each of us must bring a truck, trailer, horse, feed, water, and gear.  All that weight adds up to poor fuel economy.  Each member can easily spend over $200 for each mission, and we try to reimburse these costs on request.  With 2-6 members responding to each search, and 12 members traveling to each mounted training, obviously our funds are depleted quickly.